English girls write letters to the government after the trees are cut down

Sophie (8 years old) questioned the Lewisham Council: “Why do people cut oak trees? What did it do wrong, what will the birds reside on?”.

On the way back home on June 5, Sophie (8 years old, living in Lewisham, south of London, England) saw environmental staff chopping down the beloved oak tree. The branches were scattered across the opposite side of Sophie ‘s house. The girl was angry and went to find a manager to talk to but didn’t meet.

I turned to stop the workers by shouting and begging them to stop. “What adults have done with trees is not fair, I want to know why they killed the trees and the birds live there,” she said, crying.

Later, Sophie expressed to her mother that she wanted to write a letter to the Lewisham District Council, where she lived to talk about destroying trees.

The original letter is as follows:

“Dear everyone in the Lewisham District Council,

Currently, I feel very sad. I came home from school and saw my beloved oak tree was cut down on the road opposite the house. Why do people cut it? Did he do something wrong with everyone? This makes me feel very sad and want to go crazy.

And what about the birds that reside in the oak tree, will they live after losing the nest? I beg everyone to stop! If people do not answer, I will continue to write.

I look forward to receiving a response from the council! “.

The back of the letter, Sophie painted an oak tree with the words written on the trunk with the content: “Please save the trees”.

Responding to the letter, Sophie McGeevor, Lewisham district councilor appreciated the eight-year-old’s sense of environmental protection and the importance of greenery in the city. “However, trees can be a potential danger in the rainy season. We tried our best to solve the risks that trees bring, but unfortunately we have no other way but to tighten them. it “, commissioner added.

Andrea Cooper (38), Sophie’s mother, commented that her daughter is quiet, but when she comes to this situation she becomes brave and assertive. “Sophie has a kind heart, I don’t want to see things around me hurt,” said the mother, saying that this is not the first time girls speak out for the environment.

She sent a letter to Sainsbury’s, the second largest supermarket system in the UK to present the use of palm oil to extend the life of the food and win the second prize in the poster design competition on the theme. environmental protection organized by BBC television.

Sophie ‘s natural love comes from the knowledge of science taught in elementary schools, from books and films about the natural world. I hope to grow up to become an environmentalist.

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