Facebook and Instagram are getting less stable

The rate of “collapse” with these two social networks is higher than before as well as rivals, affecting billions of users.

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Statistics of DownDetector, a website that tracks Internet service incidents, shows that Instagram’s downtime in the first six months of this year has increased by 90% over the same period last year. More seriously, this rate for Facebook is 281%.

DownDetector has not announced the “network” hours of Facebook and Instagram, but has released a comparison chart with other social networking platforms. In general, Facebook-owned services are less stable than Snapchat or Twitter.

DownDetector’s statistics reinforce the perception that Facebook’s services become less reliable. “We try to provide 2.7 billion people with the best products and services in our ecosystem. Sometimes, we encounter a temporary disruption,” said a spokesman for the company. work fast to fix “.

On July 3, Facebook and the applications of this social network including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, encountered problems that made it difficult or impossible for users to access for many hours. The incident on March 14 is considered to be the longest and most influential when more than half a day that Facebook has not been stable. In 2018, this social network was repeatedly interrupted.

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