Hollywood director became vegetarian after nearly dying of fat

Kevin Smith actively changed his lifestyle and lost up to 22 kg after a heart attack that almost killed him.

Kevin Smith is a famous Hollywood director and actor. He once had more than 110 kg.

Since 2000, Kevin Smith started taking drugs to limit fat absorption. However, this sudden weight loss method made his body unable to adapt. On February 25, 2018, while on the set at the Alex (California) theater, Smith had a severe acute heart attack because his front artery was completely blocked. He was taken to the hospital with only 20% chance of survival. Doctors conduct stenting and emergency angioplasty

Although he was always happy, Smith was completely ready for his departure at any time. Fortunately, he recovered and pursued the original potato-based diet, then came to a wider variety of vegetables.

After 25 years of research, Smith realized vegetarianism was the easiest way to improve health. He said: “I know nothing compared to the attractive taste of a cake or a steak. But vegetables are really good for your health, and their taste is not bad.”

The confrontation with death caused Smith to change his mind: “I will change my innocent eating habits for 47 years”. Now, the 48-year-old director has lost about 22 kg after only 6 months, only 90 kg. Every day he walked with his dog Shecky and used meals prepared by private chefs. Thanks to that, Smith controlled the sugar and the daily diet.

Besides, Smith’s sex life also changed. “Although everything was perfect before, my wife wanted it to be different. Now I have to be stronger because my body is no longer like a soft pillow. Fortunately, I am more proactive in sex.” .

Thanks to these efforts, Smith is like a completely different person, always energetic, inspired and creative. However, he always reminded himself to be afraid: “I feel anxious if I no longer fear.” This is quite understandable, especially when he had a heart attack without any symptoms such as chest pain, numbness in his arms, but only shortness of breath and nausea.

Smith’s current activity is as follows: Start the day with a very small breakfast and drink sugar-free iced tea; enjoy lunch with sandwiches; Snack on banana chocolate then walk an hour with your dog. Dinner with favorite chicken peas. Relax by daily body massage.

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