How to eat effective turmeric

Dilute 2-3 tablespoons of turmeric powder with 100 ml of water, drink before and after 1-2 hours, honey and milk can be added, with moderate sweetness.

According to nutritionist Nguyen Thuy Linh, Hanoi Medical University, turmeric contains curcumin with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial effects. In addition to preventing skin diseases, turmeric starch also helps to reduce headaches, eliminate body toxicity, increase immunity and fight infections.

Many people eat turmeric powder for healing rooms, especially stomach pain. Dr. Vu Hong Thai, Director of Phu Tho General Clinic said that the market is mainly composed of yellow turmeric starch and turmeric extract. However, the nature of turmeric starch is prone to clumping, so using it in the wrong way can lead to intestinal obstruction, stomach ulcers and death if not detected in time.

Thai doctors recommend drinking turmeric before eating 30 minutes or after eating for one to two hours. You can use cold water to dissolve the turmeric powder first and then add hot water to stir the powder completely. Drink twice daily.

To make it easier to drink, mix two to three teaspoons of turmeric powder diluted with honey and 100 ml of boiling water before or after a meal. Can add fresh milk, condensed milk with moderate sweetness. In addition, turmeric can form into small capsules to bring to drink, suitable for busy people.

Drinking two to three cups of turmeric a day helps reduce stomach pain, prevention of stomach cancer, and intestinal cancer. People with arthritis should mix turmeric powder with hot milk three times a day. Turmeric powder mixes with warm water or milk, reduces dyspepsia or abdominal pain.


Do not use turmeric with western medicine to prevent blood. Women with prolonged menorrhagia should not use it because turmeric has the effect of clearing blood and cannot treat menorrhagia.

Do not abuse and drink too much turmeric. Although curcumin, despite its ability to reduce inflammation, anti-oxidants, too much can cause side effects including nausea, diarrhea, iron metabolism disorder, hepcidin protein block, leading to iron deficiency in sensitive patients. .

Using high doses of curcumin also stimulates adrenal secretion of cortisone, a substance with anti-inflammatory properties, thus reducing the body’s anti-inflammatory ability.

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