Japanese quality from Isuzu QKR Blue Power truck

Isuzu QKR Blue Power light trucks are assembled from Japanese genuine engines and components, meeting quality standards, safety and comfort.

“Quality associated with national honor” is a high-profile Japanese slogan. For Japanese people, product quality not only brings reputation and revenue to businesses but also proves the prestige of the country. Therefore, products always follow strict standards of quality.

Japanese enterprises strictly abide by the production process, and strive to continuously improve technology. As a result, products from the country of cherry blossoms always ensure high quality, uniform, durable and with little damage. That is also the reason why Vietnamese people love and believe in using goods and products of Japanese origin.

Isuzu QKR Blue Power, a typical truck for Japanese quality products, launched in Vietnam in 2012 and quickly stood out in the light truck segment. In 2018, upgraded cars are equipped with new generation diesel engines with outstanding improvements, increasingly favored and trusted by Vietnamese customers. Accordingly, the annual average growth rate of Isuzu QKR Blue Power reaches 68%. In 2018 alone, sales recorded 4,503 units, accounting for 17% of the light truck market share of less than 5 tons.

Vehicles are tested practically through simulations in different terrain and weather conditions, proving many outstanding advantages in engine, safety and comfort.

Isuzu QKR Blue Power assembled in Vietnam with engines and main components, including gearbox, cabin … imported directly from Japan. This helps ensure quality synchronization with genuine products in Japan.

Blue Power Euro 4 engine is an outstanding feature of the car. This is a new generation engine improved from Isuzu Common Rail, the pioneer in the world car manufacturer in 1997, applied in Vietnam since 2008. New generation engine possesses Common Rail electronic fuel injection technology. , variable turbocharger system should significantly increase fuel loading and optimization performance.

These technologies help increase vehicle capacity, reduce noise and save fuel. Besides, the improved EGR circulation system and the DOC emission catalyst of the engine also help to limit the amount of soot and exhaust gas discharged to the outside, making Isuzu trucks environmentally friendly.

The new model is designed according to Isuzu Universal Space concept, ensuring optimal comfort for users. Specifically, the car cabin is designed extensively, and the operational control information display system is convenient and easy to observe. In addition, the car also integrates many other modern facilities such as car seats for drivers, convenience storage compartments, two sun visors for drivers and drivers, multi-point halogen lamps … for users to spread. Comfortable and convenient experience when operating the vehicle.

The safety protection for users is also promoted by the automaker. This is reflected in the design to protect users and limit accidents. Including seat belts for all seats, three-point seatbelt to protect users on the journey, the door is solidly reinforced, the car has electrically corrected glass and central door locking. …

All of these features are carefully designed by the automaker, helping users to reduce the risk of accidents, be more secure when traveling.

Isuzu QKR Blue Power trucks possess the latest innovations according to Japanese standards. This advanced car also has a reasonable price. Accordingly, the total cabin truck tonnage of 4.9-5.5 tons has a market price ranging from 454 million dong, an affordable price compared to the improvements that the car owns. This price also shows the efforts of the automaker in bringing products worthy of “trucks for every home”.

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