‘Pig boiled sheep’ three times out of the slaughterhouse

The rare male boar with a curly hair like wool not only escaped death many times but also found a “girlfriend” after coming to the reserve.

The 3-year-old Colin was lucky to escape after twice being sent by the previous owners to the slaughterhouse due to errors in the paperwork. Just before being sent to the abattoirs for the third time, she was rescued by a farmer and taken to The Farm Animal Reserve in Evesham, Worchester, Massachusetts, where she met “girlfriend” Gloria.

Because of the breed of Mangalica shaggy pig, Colin has a special appearance with thick curly fur that makes it look like “sheep’s pig”. In the reserve, the rare breed pig spends most of his time in a stable, eating apples, rolling in the mud, and letting people scratch their heads.

“Colin is the most friendly pig we have ever met. Normally, two pigs will not be released to live together because they always fight and fight for territory. When they start fighting, they never But we just dropped Colin into the same stall with Gloria and they got along well, Colin could live with any pig but Gloria was a bit overbearing and Colin knew his position very well, “Janet Taylor, The CEO of the reserve, share.

Colin’s special appearance impressed the children because it looked so different from other pigs. Its fuzzy set always attracts the visitors’ attention, according to Taylor.

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