The more you drink alcohol, the easier it is to die early

Research in the United States shows that people who abstain from alcohol for life have the lowest mortality rates.

Many previous studies have different conclusions about alcohol affecting human health. Some argue that moderate to moderate alcohol consumption can protect women against stroke, other opinions suggest that drinking more alcohol increases the risk of depression …

The latest large-scale study of The Health and Retirement Study (HRS) on the relationship between alcohol consumption and the risk of death in the US, conducted during 16 years from 1992 to the present, brings Other conclusions.

The researchers looked at the data of 8,000 elderly people born between 1931 and 1941, interviewed twice a year starting from 1998 to 2014. They were divided into five groups: abstiners all their life, abstinence. in the present, heavy drinkers, moderate drinkers and frequent drinkers.

Lifelong people have consumed about 12 types of alcoholic drinks throughout their lives. Current alcohol abstainers have used a lot of alcohol in the past and did not use it during the study period. Heavy drinkers often drink more than 3 drinks a day and those who drink regularly will drink about 2 glasses.

People who drink drunkenly often drink about 4 glasses a day in women and 5 drinks for men. Moderate alcohol users only drink about 1/2 or 1/3 cup (women) and 1 cup (men). People consuming less alcohol only drink one day a week.

The analytical results show that the group of people who abstain from alcohol for life have the lowest death rates compared to the other groups.

According to experts, generally drinking alcohol or excessive alcoholic drinks does not bring health benefits except some mild wines or researched wine to ensure safety. However, drinking wine must also be in the appropriate dosage based on the composition as well as the health check index for each person.

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